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Savgard PPF

Unique top coat with self-healing properties

Premium coating embedded on the top layer of SAVGARD PPF film provides maximum dirt and stain resistance against harsh conditions combines with unrivaled clarity and ultimate high gloss effect.

Thermoplastic polyurethane

A strong and conformable TPU is the key to the performance of PPF film. Using raw materials from Lubrizol USA, SAVGARD PPF Films are proven to perform well under harshest conditions and will self-heal light scratches and swirl marks with a gentle heat application to the film's surface.


Top quality adhesive creates a safe and secure bond with your car body. SAVGARD's PPF Films are tested and proven to be easy to remove leaving the original paint surface without noticeable defect.

Protective Liner

Provides protection to the film's surface pre-installation. Only to be removed before installation to ensure that smoothness and glossiness of the film are protected till time of usage.

Product Features


High Gloss


Yellowing Resistance

UV Resistant

Effortless Self-Cleaning Effect

Ultimate Stain Resistance

Self-Healing Effect

Surpass Traditional Protection

Premium Aesthetics Appearance

SAVGARD PPFs create the best barrier between components and precious OEM car paint which provides the best positioned to keep the car in showroom-level appearance with superior stain resistance, self-healing properties, non-yellowing clarity and extreme durability against impacts and scratches.

Superior Protection

SAVGARD's advanced engineered PPFs helps maintain OEM car paint finishes with excellent durability, elasticity and strength while protecting against daily environmental and road exposures such as UV radiation, acid rain, scratches, bird droppings, stone chips and road debris.


With it's low temperature flexibility, SAVGARD PPF can easily conforms to complex surfaces and shapes.

With warranty coverage up to 3 years, customers can have a peace of mind using our product. All performance related defects are covered under our warranty scheme.